A brand is defined by:

1. The value you promise.

2. The beliefs you hold, that enable you, to deliver that promise.

How you do that – becomes:

3. Your credibility (the reason why people will choose your brand).

At Octagon we have devised a working methodology on how to reveal/extract the identity of a brand.

The results of this methodology give us an initial platform on which to base our creative solutions and strategies, which we then use in advising our clients, on how best that brand should be communicated and projected to the public.

We call this methodology, the DNA™ for brand identity.

Diagnose (Analyzing / Learning about the brand)

Target Analysis
Examine Brand – USPs
Competitor’s Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Brand Architecture / Structure
Brand Status
Client’s Vission/Mission
Core Values
= Philosophy
(What the brand stands for)

Nourish (Building the brand)

Identity, Look & Feel
Personality & Character
Positioning overall
Taglines – Take Home Message
Creative Executions
Brand Applications: eg
· Press Ads
· Brochure/Collaterals
· Website etc.
= Brand strategy/image

Activate – (Communicating the brand – How we speak to the public)

Campaign Strategies
Media Strategies & Planning
Marketing Platform
Public Relations
Internal Communications
= Language: eg; Launch Campaign